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With the release of WoW Shadowlands expansion, the fans have been going crazy for winning the mysterious Castle Nathria. Players have to strive and fight to kill 10 major Castle Nathria bosses. The palace is designed with a vampire-theme and is home to Venthyr Covenant.

After killing the final boss, Sire Denarthius, you will receive a higher loot. Winning this castle can get you higher on the PvE rating. Castle Nathria can be played in three different difficulty levels. These are Normal, Heroic, and Mythic. Here is the item-level gear that gamers can win.

Difficulty Item-Level Gear

The item-level gears can be obtained after the bosses drop them. While this is not an easy task, the items are quite worth it. Moreover, the item-level differs based on the difficulty of the raid. This means that the loot you receive after killing the Castle Nathria bosses will increase as you increase the difficulty.

  • In Castle Nathria LFR, the loot for the first 8 bosses is of 187 ilvl and 199 level for the last 2 bosses.
  • In Normal, the loot for the first 8 bosses is 200 item-level and 207 for the last 2 bosses.
  • In Heroic, the loot for the first 8 bosses is 213 level and 220 for the last 2 bosses.
  • In Mythic, the loot for the first 8 bosses is 226 ilvl and 233 ilevel for the last 2 bosses.

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