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WoW’s newest patch, Patch 8.3 — Visions of N’Zoth brings the game’s latest chapter, Battle for Azeroth, to an epic close, as players from both the Alliance and the Horde descend into the Waking City to face the Old God, N’Zoth the Corruptor in World of Warcraft’s latest raid.

About the Service

The Nyalotha, the Waking City boost offers players assistance against the raid’s 12 bosses, the last of which being N’Zoth himself. The bosses within Ny’alotha can be grouped according to the wing of the instance in which they are found.

During the service, our team will clear all the bosses from each of the following wings in succession, leading from the first wing: Vision of Destiny, to the second wing: Halls of Devotion, to the third wing: Gift of Flesh, and, finally, to the final encounter with N’Zoth, the Corruptor. The 12 bosses are grouped as follows.

Vision of Destiny Boss Encounters

●  Wrathion

●  Maut

●  Prophet Skitra

Halls of Devotion Boss Encounters

●  Dark Inquisitor Xanesh

●  The Hivemind

●  Shad'har

●  Drest'agath

Gift of Flesh Boss Encounters

●  Vexiona

●  Ra-den

●  Il'gynoth

The Waking Dream Boss Encounters

●  Carapace of N'Zoth

●  N’Zoth, the Corruptor

The service will take 3 hours or less, after which if you’ve availed of our guaranteed items option and our service is unable to provide the number of guaranteed items in a single run, we will work with you the next week to provide them.

What In-Game Rewards Can I Get with Skycoach?

Farming for specific in-game loot usually takes a long time, and the process is highly dependent on luck so you could potentially waste ages for little to no reward. By working with us, you can forget about the tedious grind as our experienced team of Carry specialists does the heavy lifting while you reap the rewards.

Gear and Loot

In addition to all the 465+ ilvl gear and personal loot that drops for your character during the Heroic Raid, we guarantee that you will also acquire Encrypted Ny’alothan texts, which you can use to acquire and improve Formless Void essence, and Azerite Artifact Power.

Your character will also be awarded a single piece of 470 ilvl gear from defeating the final boss of Ny’alotha, the Waking City. Potential gear drops include, but aren’t limited to:


●  Bows — Whispering Eldritch Bow, Insidious Writhing Longbow

●  Daggers — Destroyer's Shadowblade, Shard of the Black Empire

●  One-Hand Axes, Maces, Swords — Gift of the Void, Warmace of Waking Nightmares, Mish'un, Blade of Tyrants

●  Polearms — Qwor N'lyeth

●  Staffs — An'zig Vra

●  Two-Hand Axes, Swords — Sk'shuul Vaz, Devastation's Hour

●  Wands — Eyestalk of Il'gynoth

●  Warglaives — The All-Seeing Eye

●  Etc.


●  Cloth — Visage of Nightmarish Machinations, Spaulders of Miasmic Mycelia, etc.

●  Leather — Pauldrons of the Great Convergence, Tortured Fleshbeast Cuirass, etc.

●  Mail — Last Vestige of Neltharion, Watcher's Scheming Girdle, etc.

●  Plate — Greathelm of Phantasmic Reality, Pauldrons of Infinite Darkness, etc.


●  Rings — Void-Etched Band, Ring of Collective Consciousness, etc.

●  Trinkets — Writhing Segment of Drest'agath, Humming Black Dragonscale, etc.


Additionally, your character will have the chance to loot any of the following pets during the run:

●  Aqir Hivespawn, from The Hivemind

●  Eye of Corruption, from N’Zoth the Corruptor

●  Fractured Obsidian Claw, from Maut

●  Ra'kim, from the Hivemind

●  Void-Scarred Anubisath, from Ra-den the Despoiled


There are three obtainable mounts for NWC, those being the Wriggling Parasite, Ny’alotha Allseer, and Uncorrupted Voidwing. Of these, by availing of our services to complete NWC before the game’s next patch, you are guaranteed to unlock the Uncorrupted Voidwing.


Beyond the item rewards, there are also numerous achievements your character will attain after being boosted. These are:

●  Ahead of the Curve

●  Vision of Destiny

●  Halls of Devotion

●  Gift of Flesh

●  The Waking Dream

Why Choose Skycoach Heroic Ny’Alotha Boost?

The Visions of N’Zoth patch and the NWC give players access to a lot of new game content, including gear and mechanics within World of Warcraft. Just completing the NWC a single time on Heroic difficulty, can prove challenging for many groups of players. To even attempt a Heroic NWC run, you’re going to need a quality team that knows what they’re doing.

The encounters players will face in Ny’alotha, the Waking City on Heroic difficulty necessitates a coordinated team of max-leveled characters, equipped with the best gear, backed by players with a lot of skill. Without these, you’ll likely find it hugely challenging to farm the Heroic difficulty version of the raid, if not virtually impossible.

If you’re having a hard time beating the Ny’alotha Heroic raid with your regular group and wish you could skip the back-breaking grind straight to all the awesome rewards, then our Heroic boost carry services are the perfect solution for you.

How We Ensure Your Account Security

We understand that the security of players’ accounts is the top priority when considering our services. Which is why we comply with the highest standards to maintain your account security.

We use secure SSL protocols and VPNs to ensure the safety of your account when you buy any of our boosting services. All our boosts are performed by hand, without the use of any scripts or bots, we never use in-game chat, and we always take care to avoid any intersection of IP and MAC addresses.

We also offer 24/7 support for all of our boosting services, so you can reach out to us at any time before you buy, and at any point throughout the process.