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N'Zoth has once again assumed the throne. The Ancient God, the nightmare of Azeroth, the mysterious gray cardinal of Darkness, hiding behind any manifestation of evil, and world tragedies. N'Zoth's army is preparing to destroy Azeroth. The world is horrified, but the Horde and the Alliance have a plan – fight this ancient enemy and decide the fate of the universe. 

Boosting items in Mythic mode has always played an essential role in WoW, but there are times when you cannot devote proper time to do it yourself, slowing down progress. But this can be fixed by using the services of SkyCoach. We have a pro team of gamers specializing in World of Warcraft, and they can take care of boosting a raid in Ny’Alotha mythic mode.

The Ny'Alotha the Waking City Mythic Boost includes the Achievement for killing all 12 bosses of Ny'Alotha, Mythic: N'Zoth as a reward, a Unique title and mount from the last boss of Ny'Alotha, and personal loot distribution. This means that you get to keep everything that falls into your bag. 

Ny'Alotha – The Bosses

Let's discuss which Bosses you'll have to combat. The raid is huge, with a monstrous dozen standing in the way of anyone trying to run through it quickly. After reading, you'll understand why our Mythic boost is something you'd want to buy.


First, you'll meet Wrathion, who got cuckoo, just like his daddy. He even has a dragon, but players will quickly understand how to get through. The dragon knocks its tail, bursts flames, and spits fire.


Maut has abilities that force players to run away. In the second phase, when Maut's mana reaches 100%, the characters, preferably ranged, need to prevent the spheres from flying from the altars. Also, the raid needs to knock down the reflecting shield. If the venture doesn't succeed, he will cast Obsidian Shatter for 80 seconds, and the raid will fail.

The Prophet Skitra

The Prophet mainly hits tanks and throws debuffs; at 80, 60, 40, and 20% of health, he goes into the second phase, hiding behind illusions. Obviously, the raid needs to find the real Prophet. Mistakes are punishable – there's no extra time to think.

Dark Inquisitor Xanesh 

Now the raid will fall into the torture master's clutches, the dark inquisitor Xanesh, who will arrange a disco-rave with many surprises. After some time, you will find that most of the raid is running from beams and spear.

The Hivemind

The next boss is the Hivemind, with Ka'zir and Tek'ris battling to overpower it. The two are not friends, but they must be killed exactly at the same time – if more than 20 seconds pass between kills, then the other 50% will still attack. Every 90 seconds, minions come out, receiving a buff from the active boss.

Shad'har The Insatiable 

Cutiepie Shad'har has 3 phases, replacing each other by 66% and 33% health. Players with an explosive debuff should stay away from their group. Everyone else needs to dodge puddles, projectiles, run into the spheres, and avoid this doggy's breath.


Throughout the battle, players need to stay close to this boss, since if there is no one nearby, he attracts new, uninvited neighbors. It results in dealing damage and adding a debuff and triggering both the players and its tentacles. Our Mythic boost of items becomes a balancing act of keeping up with killing Appendages while creating extreme damage.


You will now meet another multiphase boss – Vexiona. She has a friend – a reincarnated servant of the Abyss. One tank takes over Vexiona, turning away from the raid, the second will be engaged in a fight with her evil friend.

Ra-Den The Despoiled 

Ra-Den the Despoiled will show you his magic and some real despair in two phases. Tanks should change to battle him, receiving a health reduction debuff. With our Ny'Alotha Mythic item loot Boost, this boss can be kited around the room much easier, to prevent the orbs from reaching him.

Il'Gynoth, Corruption Reborn 

An indescribable eyeless thing with an intricate multiphase battle. First, you kill the boss, destroy his organ, and repeat this, like three more times. The SkyCoach Mythic Raid Boost applies the debuff to 7 players each time it is cast for this encounter. This debuff will change in size, indicated by the visual circle around the player. The larger the circle, the higher the damage.

Carapace of N'Zoth 

This is an interesting enemy with non-standard mechanics. In the beginning, each player gets a sanity scale, which drops when the boss acts. When sanity drops to zero, players will receive a 20-second boost. After that, they will turn against others and must be killed. Adaptive Membrane will apply to players and enemies with a Mythic Boost, making it an essential mechanic in the last phase to maintain the raids' sanity.

N'Zoth, The Corruptor 

This multi-eyed spider-octopus bastard drains sanity & turns characters into their slaves, who deal damage and take sanity from their former comrades. You can fight him, but if you buy our Ny'Alotha Mythic Boost, you will get N'Zoth Mythic Kill Boost, a lot of Azerite to boost the power of your Heart of Azeroth. We'll also show how to behave in other possible scenarios.

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