Mountaintop (Full Quest)

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For Destiny 2 Season 5, Bungie has introduced The Mountaintop grenade launcher as the Crucible pinnacle weapon.

Mountaintop (Full Quest)
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A kinetic grenade launcher, The Mountaintop deviates from the mold by offering a projectile that fires in a straight line, almost like a missile. 
The Mountaintop can do serious damage in the right hands. It is top-tier option both for PvP and PvE.


  • You will get Mountaintop and lots of Crusible gear
  • Exp for your Season Pass and Artifact Level
  • Gear and weapons that might drop during the service

ETA: Boost takes 1-4 days


  •  Completed Forsaken Story
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The Mountaintop is an efficient and impressive weapon that was added to the game in its 5th season. In simple terms, it is a Grenade Launcher that can be obtained after finishing every quest at Crucible. 

Players must complete Lord Shaxx quests to get this lightweight weapon with a Micro-missile feature. You can use this to shoot different types of grenades, including the Sticky Grenades. 

Features & Unique Perks of This Weapon

  • Adaptability: Mountaintop is one of the most flexible weapons of the game. As mentioned above, this gun can be used to shoot various grenade types, even sticky grenades. Being from the firearm category, it is a great weapon to aim and shoot grenades at enemies attacking from the air. The guns will bring the enemy lines down, where the gun can still be used to break the lineup and attack. 
  • Versatile: A player can use this as a shotgun, for sharpshooting, and even as a combination. With improved aiming in the air, the weapon does not have any problem related to the short travel time. However, you will have to ensure that you get a clear and clean shot, to avoid getting injured yourself. Furthermore, you also have to use this from a distance, to keep your character safe from getting harmed by the blast. 
  • Combination: As stated above, the gun also works as a combination; perfect for rifle run. Players just have to aim for the legs of the enemies, if you shoot right then it's a 1-shot kill for you. Although the player cannot afford to miss, as with the enemy proximity, they can injure you as well. By using these, you can assure that you never lose any match.

How to Get This Launcher

To get the Mountaintop, players have to complete various levels and steps. It is along quest, which is divided into the following phases:  

  1. Achieve the Glory rank “Brave” in 1 season.
  2. Finish the quest in Crucible by earning the launcher final blows, defeat multiple groups of 2 or more rivals, and getting rewarded with the Calculated Trajectory medals.
  3. Achieve the Glory rank “Fabled” in 1 season.

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