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Navigation in playing World of Warcraft can be done either by walking, running, or transportation. But it would be hard for both you and your character to just walk through your entire journey. It would take a lot of time for you to complete quests you need to level up and to do other things to further your position in the game.

An option would be to buy WoW items and boosters to increase your level in the game. Whether you just want to improve your character, add mounts to your collection, compete against other players in player versus player combat, upgrade your gear, craft items for yourself, or unlock special achievements, you would want to buy WoW mounts for your character to get ahead.

If you want help in obtaining great and helpful mounts, SkyCoach is what you need. We offer different services for different games. And we just have the best offers for you and your WoW character. If you want to have better gaming experience or even just to add items and mounts to your mount collection in WoW, with our mount offers, our pro players will surely do the job for you no matter the difficulty.

About Mounts in WoW

The mounts in WoW are used for your transportation in land, water, and even in the air. These WoW mounts also improve and upgrade your character’s movement speed which helps you accomplish tasks and quests easier. When you buy special mounts, you will have easier and smoother gameplay in WoW.

Mounts also have different speeds depending on the character’s riding abilities, skills, and character level. You can also speed up your mounts through guild advancement or through items and enchants. Though WoW mounts were generally expensive in the past, their prices were reduced now, and some do not even cost any gold or other currencies.

How Our Services Are Provided

We use the SSL protocol and VPNs to protect your account when you avail of our services. Our boosts are performed without any scripts or bots. We never use in-game chat, and we do not allow any intersection of IP and MAC addresses.

Numerous Ways to Pay

You can choose any of our offered services and then proceed to discuss the order details. You can also build a custom order according to your preference and what you need, and we will help you find the best offer that’s suitable for you. We will immediately appoint you one of the best PRO players in our team to get the job done. 

For the payment, you can pay via PayPal, Visa, or Mastercard. You can also use promo codes upon purchase of the service. We guarantee a refund of your money in case of violation of a deadline, unsatisfactory quality of an assignment at the end, and other cases stated in the Agreement. You must send a written complaint with a description of the problem to the customer support team, thru [email protected] or via Chat.

Our Offered Services

We have two of the bests WoW mounts services. You can buy BFA mounts and raid mounts services - the special secret mount of The Hivemind and the Glacial Tidestorm Mount, for affordable prices. There is also a “self-play” option where you play with your own character during the boost, or otherwise, this will be made by account share with the stream, when you buy WoW mounts we offer.

Here is what you can get from our two WoW popular mounts offers.

The Hivemind

Our best and most professional boosters will help you with the Hivemind, a WoW secret mount added in Patch 8.1 Tides of Vengeance. You can choose to get your personal loot via account share, or you can choose to play it yourself with your character. This offer has currently been ordered by 1201 customers.

Your guaranteed rewards:

  • The Hivemind mount reward

Glacial Tidestorm Mount

Our best raiders will help you with the Battle of Dazar'Alor Mythic Jaina and defeat Jaina, or you can play yourself via self-play. This offer has currently been ordered by 1240 customers.

Your guaranteed rewards:

  • The Glacial Tidestorm, an amazing epic mount
  • Jaina Proudmoore achievement

Why SkyCoach?

Our team is composed of experienced and professional players who have helped other players in achieving their character’s goals in-game. We guarantee the fulfillment of the services you avail and deliver what we promised. We also offer services for other WoW related activities and items. We offer a wide array of incredible services at the best price without sacrificing quality with the definite expertise of our players in the team.

SkyCoach’s customer support is also available 24/7 so you can contact and communicate with our team at any time through Skype or Discord. When you sign up with us, you will have access to hundreds of professional WoW players. Our boosters go through a rigorous testing process and get hand-picked to make sure you are connected to the best of the best.

SkyCoach has also done other services not just for WoW but also for other different games and has rendered great results and positive reviews from our clients. SkyCoach’s trustworthy reputation and reliability can be proven through reviews, in TrustPilot, which gained us 35,000 successful deals and 19,000 happy clients.