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Placement matches are always challenging at the start of each season but there is a way you can nail all 10 of them. Placement boosting is the best solution to rank up every new season if you have been stuck at a low rank previously.

How Does Placement Boost Work?

To know the innards of Placement boost we have to understand the importance of placement matches. At the start of the season, every player has to go through 10 initial ranked matches. After completing these 10 matches your rank is determined. To improve your chances to get a better rank you have to win as many placement matches that you can. These placements matches are basically the deciding factor of your initial rank. You don’t have to worry about it because SkyCoach is here to help you win those placement ranked matches.

Basics of Elo Rank System

League of legends follows Elo matchmaking system for their ranked games, each rank has its own 4 divisions. This ranking system makes sure the people with the same skill caliber are able to match and play with each other. So, here are all the ranks tiers from League of legends:

  1. Iron

  2. Bronze

  3. Silver

  4. Gold

  5. Platinum

  6. Diamond

  7. Master

  8. Grand Master

  9. Challenger

Most of the players in League of Legends belong in Silver rank with gold rank as second most crowded. 0.040% of the players belong to Grand master rank tier and about 0.017% of the players lie in Challenger rank. This explains that it is actually really hard and sometimes almost impossible to rank up quickly. This is where SkyCoach comes in, With professionals helping you out in different ways such as coaching and placement matches making sure that you can get a jump start in the rank tier at the start of the new season so there is no better solution than using services from SkyCoach which are cheap and so much worth it.

Payment Methods

SkyCoach offers the most secure and popular payment methods.

  1. Visa

  2. MasterCard

  3. PayPal

  4. Payoneer

  5. WebMoney

  6. Qiwi

Other Services

You can get more than placement boosting for your LOL account, starting with coaching, which plays an important role in any game. In LOL, coaching it is considered as essential for professional e-sports teams because there will still be some misplays even made by professionals in ranked matches under pressure. You can also get boosting in Runeterra made by Riot games. You can also get a Division boost as well as Win boost. These services are for League of Legends but hold on there is more. Boosting services are also offered in other games such as Destiny 2, World of Warcraft, and the newcomer of competitive gaming Valorant on SkyCoach.

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Service Description

Services for Placement matches are quite straightforward and easy for players to understand. Either you are a new player or it’s the start of the new season, SkyCoach professional will boost your placements ranked matches for you on your account depending on various factors such as your region and number of matches you select which we will discuss later on.

How Our Service Works

Here is a step-by-step breakdown of the process:

  1. You start off by selecting your previous season rank from iron to grandmaster, placement boosting is available for all types of ranks.

  2. You then select your division from 1 to 4.

  3. The number of games that you want the placement boosting service for. It starts off from one placement match. You can get up to 10 placement boosting service, meaning you can get placement boosting service for all your placement matches of the season.

  4. You have the option to select your region, SkyCoach offers placement boost for almost all the servers and they are: North America, Europe, Latin America, Turkey, and Russia.

  5. After selecting your region, you can opt for solo and duo matches.

  6. You can also opt for boosting with the specific champ in LOL.

How the Service Will Be Provided?

After going through the service selection process and paying for it, they will take your account and you can see it on live stream (if you opt for live steam option) and boost your rank based on the rank and option you selected. This all is done by professionals so all you have to do is sit back, relax, and watch.

What You Get in the End

You will make your money worth it by getting the service that you always wanted, there are tons of reviews on their website about customers being more than satisfied with the placement boosting service. This is also your chance to see how professionals do it so you get to learn a lot too. The whole process is not even time-consuming – these services are provided fairly quickly. Some of them are also returning customers to access higher ranks. The website is also ranked at 4.9 by Trust Pilot, a reviewing body for businesses and services with nearly one million new reviews each month posted. There are over 100 reviews for SkyCoach reviews with more than great ratings.

You can check the unranked account if your account has no ranked matches previously. One of the best favorite features of SkyCoach is that you can go for options such as streaming. It is surprisingly satisfying watching your account climbing ranks. So SkyCoach allows its customer to really take advantage of the freedom in terms of services, speaking of advantages some of the pros are listed below:

  1. is SSL secured which means basically security is not an issue here, SSL makes sure the data is encrypted between client and server so your account and as well as your credit details are well encrypted.

  2. Using VPN Services, they make possible safe boosting in LOL.

  3. 24/7 Chat support is actually really responsive, you can try it out and they are always there to help you with your queries.

  4. Money Refunds are also possible depending upon the mutual agreement.

  5. Easy payment methods so let’s discuss those.

  6. If the user has promo codes with them, they are in for a special discount.


If you are stuck in lower ranks this is a great way to boost your rank so you can play with players of a higher caliber. You can learn more and you end up enjoying more. The go-to service would be a placement boost because with the start of each season you get a chance to improve your rank. After placement matches, it is hard to get promoted from one division to another let alone climbing ranks. So, again placement ranked matches are really important since they decide your initial rank and, in most cases, your initial rank is the same rank that you have just before the season ends. After availing the placement boosting service, we recommend that you should try coaching services too. With professionals at your service, it is something to consider learning and play the game the right way.