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Valorant Placement Matches

Many competitive games, such as Valorant, use a special algorithm in order to determine a player’s ranking. The specific system can be different from game to game, but the general principle remains the same: the algorithm takes your individual and your performance into account and compares it against your opponent’s performance.

As of June 2020, ranked competitive play was added to Valorant as part of patch 1.02. Unlike some games, like Overwatch, you can’t take part in competitive play immediately. There’s a process to follow:

  1. Play 20 Valorant matches. This can be time-consuming since the average Valorant match lasts for 30+ minutes. Your performance doesn’t matter in these matches; you just need to participate.

  2. Play in 5 Valorant placement matches. Your performance does matter during these games. You need to aim to perform as well as possible, as this will enable you to start ranked mode from a higher rank and work your way to Radiant more quickly.

  3. Play in ranked mode. Now that you have your starting rank, you can take place in ranked matches as often as you’d like!

There are eight ranks within Valorant, and seven of them are made up of three tiers. The seven 3-tiered ranks are Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Immortal. The final rank is Radiant, which only has one tier.

If you want the best chance at making it to the Radiant level this season, consider buying a Valorant placement boosting package.

Our Valorant Placement Boosting Service

With the assistance of our boosting service, you’ll start off Valorant’s ranked mode in a highly competitive position. Our expert boosters know exactly what sort of strategies it takes to do well in placement matches. Their boosting ability will guarantee you a good performance in the placement games, thus giving you a leg up on achieving your gaming goals.

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So, how do you order a Valorant placement boost? You’ll need to provide us with the following information:

  • Your final rank and division of last season (for example, Iron: Division 1)

  • How many placement matches you want the booster to play in Your game region (We currently service North America, EU West, EU Nordic and East, Latin America North, Latin America South, Turkey, and Russia)

  • Optional add-ons (specific agents, priority order, streaming, and play with booster)

After providing the information, you can pay via VISA, MasterCard, or Paypal. Then, you’ll be able to see the status of your order in real time – just go to your Order History page.

Before you know it, with the help of a pro player, you will have achieved an excellent standing in the placement matches.

Why Choose Us?

There are many advantages that has. We offer the best boosting experience, and here’s why.

  • Great reputation: We have an excellent 4.7 rating on Trustpilot, and over 100 stellar reviews. Our customers love how fast and trustworthy our services are.

  • Security: Our site is completely SSL-secure, meaning that your private details are encrypted and can never be used without your permission or knowledge.

  • No risk of bans: All of our boosters use VPNs when playing your placement matches. This ensures the security of your Valorant account – you will not have to suffer from a ban.

  • Full support: Our customer service team is available 24/7. If you have any questions about your boost, simply join the Live Chat.

  • Refunds: If you are not satisfied with your boost for any reason, reach out to us. We offer full money refunds in cases of customer dissatisfaction.

Is Buying a Valorant Placement Boost Right For You?

If you want to start Valorant’s ranked season off on the right foot, then a placement boost is a great option for you. You don’t have to stress out about being placed with new teammates that will drag your ranking down. With our boosting service, you’ll achieve your ranking goals and great satisfaction! If you’re ready for a placement boost, check out’s boost packages.