Operation: Mechagon

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This mega-dungeon should be treated more like a 5-man raid than just a dungeon – bosses require strategy rather than a simple zerg. Overall, the dungeon is more focused on bosses and have a little trash.

Operation: Mechagon
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Our best and most professional boosters will help you to complete Operation: Mechagon. Get your personal loot via account share. 
Don’t worry, it is absolutely safe! If you want to play yourself with your character additional “Self play” option is available.

Your Rewards:

  • 85+ itemlevel gear
  • Engine of Mecha-Perfection item used to learn Rank 1 Vision of Perfection Essence
  • Blueprint: Perfectly Timed Differential to craft Perfectly Timed Differential item – Rank 2 upgrade for Vision of Perfection Essence
  • Progression Sprocket combining 4 of them can be used to create Perfection-Enhancing Gearbox – Rank 3 upgrade for Vision of Perfection Essence
  • You can get Mecha-Perfection Turbo – Rank 4 upgrade for Vision of Perfection Azerite Essence as an additional option, simply select it while making an order. You will get Hertz Locker Achievement*Available only with Account Sharing
  • Azerite Power
  • Chance to get some special unique loot as punchcards to customize the socketable trinket Pocket-Sized Computation Device, rings with set bonuses and wrists with special effects
  • Chance to get mount Aerial Unit R-21/X/X from King Mechagon and Mechagon Peacekeeper

Additional options:

  • Self play 
  • Hard mode without mount
  • + loot-traders
  • Hertz locker achieve
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