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Full Gear Normal

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200+ item level gear
CN achievement
Tons of Anima
1-2 h
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  1. You will get 200+ item level gear loot from bosses for your character's chosen class and spec until you get items in each of 16 item slots you have (15 if your character's spec is using one two-handed weapon).
  2. Castle Nathria achievement
  3. Memory of the Runecarver recipes to unlock Legendary Powers in Runecarver's Chamber
  4. Tons of Reservoir Anima for your Covenant Reservoir
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  • A Level 60 Character
  • Sharing your login information (if you need account share option)
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More info

Castle Nathria heroic raid was released on December 8th on the US realms and December 9th on the EU realms, two weeks after the new Shadowlands expansion hit the live servers on November 24. 

The raid is available in 4 difficulty modes: LFR, Normal, Heroic, and Mythic. It consists of 4 wings with a mostly linear structure, however, players will have to defeat several bosses on different steps to push further into the raid. 

Join this epic adventure, alongside our best boosting guilds, as well as have the best and most enjoyable gaming experience you have ever had!

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