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Arena Boost 3v3

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0-1800 arena rating
Conquest/Honor Points
Reservoir Anima
1-3 d
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0 - 1400 rating
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  1. Arena Rating 1400-1800
  2. Depending on your earned rating you will get additional rewards: Feats of Strength achievements, unique titles and guaranteed 207+ item level item as a weekly reward from The Great Vault
  3. Conquest Points and Honor Points which are required to purchase and upgrade PvP gear
  4. Reservoir Anima
  5. Mark of Honor (for old season PvP sets, weapons, and PvP mounts)
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  • A level 60 character
  • 1400-1600 Arena Rating - 210+ item level (PvP gear)
  • 1800 Arena Rating - 225+ item level (PvP gear 15%+ versality)
  • 2100 Arena Rating - 235+ item level (PvP gear 22%+ versality)
  • Sharing your login information (if you need more then 1800 rating)
  • Additional requirements are possible depending on your class/spec and item level
  • Selfplay is available only between 1400 and 1800 rating. Arena rating allows you to buy 220-240ILvL gear by using Conquest points (in PvP + 13 ILvL)
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The Arena is the favorite place of many Horde and Alliance players who wish to fight for their faction and compete to boost their PvP rating and climb the competitive ladder in 3x3 brackets (3 players teams). 

Only the strongest of teams can reach the highest ratings and earn Conquest points used to purchase the elite epic gear (that is on par with relevant Mythic Raiding gear), unique titles, cool Feats of Strength achievements, as well as numerous other rewards. Participating in Rated Arena matches will boost or lower your Rating depending on the outcome of the game.

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