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Astral Cloud Serpent

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Astral Cloud Serpent

Legend has it that Astral Cloud Serpents understand the answers to some of the greatest mysteries in the universe. Do you want such a wise companion? To get one quickly and easily, just buy a boost! Our pro players can deliver you an Astral Cloud Serpent mount ASAP, with no effort or stress on your side. 

How Astral Cloud Serpents Boosting Works

Placing a boost at Skycoach couldn’t be easier! Simply add the boost to your cart, select whether you want self play or not, and fill out your payment details. After the transaction is confirmed, one of our Pro WoW players will get to work on your order. 

You can track the status of your boost from your account page - but we’ll also let you know once we’ve finished. Just sit back, relax, and wait for this epic mount to be added to your account. 

What You Get

Of course, you’ll get the Astral Cloud Serpent Mount. It’s a rare drop that could occur from fighting Elegon during the raid in Mogu'shan Vaults. You'll also have the possibility of gaining Mogu'shan Vaults achievements! 


To place a boost for this mount, all you need is an active account and a lvl 60 character. 

If you need further assistance with this boost, simply reach out to our customer service team. Our representatives would be happy to chat with you and walk you through the ordering process. 

Why Us?

  • We’re safe. Skycoach boosters use VPNs when playing on your behalf so that your account is at no risk of being locked. 
  • We’re reputable. We’ve fulfilled tens of thousands of orders, and we have an excellent Trustpilot rating. 
  • We’re fast. In most cases, our pro players start working on boosts merely minutes after you palace an order.  
  • We’re always available. Our huge team of boosters allows us to fulfill boosts on any day of the year - even major holidays.
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