Smoky Charger

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Smoky Charger mount

Smoky Charger
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  • 60 level character

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In World of Warcraft, mounts play an important role whether you are aiming to find rare mounts or completing your mount collection. Smoky Charger is a horse mount from the Kul Tiras’s oldest horse breeds. Players get these as a reputation reward.

How to Get Smoky Charger

Gamers can buy the mount at Arom's Stand from the Quartermaster Alcorn. They will have to pay 10,000 gold coins for it. However, players need to finish a long array of quests to achieve this mount. 

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Need help in securing the mount? Then get SkyCoach’s WoW Mount boosting services. After hiring our professional support, players will receive their own Smoky Charger mount. We can also get you the Reins of the Smoky Charger, to make you eligible for riding this beast.