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When WoW’s Battle of Azeroth launched, Allied Races were released as well – this new feature gives WoW players 10 new playable race options. When you recruit an Allied Race, you get the chance to discover Azeroth from an entirely different perspective. You’ll get access to a revamped leveling system, with zones that scale in difficulty as your character grows stronger.

When your Allied Race character makes it to level 110, you’ll earn an exclusive set of Heritage Armor. Furthermore, when you complete an Allied Race’s quest chain and earn its achievement, you’ll unlock a special Allied Race mount. These mounts can be ridden by other races.

In order to unlock an Allied Race, you typically need to have an Exalted reputation with the race’s guild. What’s more, you need to complete the relevant story quest’s achievement. These can be difficult and time-consuming conditions to fulfill.

This is where we come in. At, we offer the opportunity for you to unlock any Allied Race without having to do any tiresome grinding. Simply select which races you want us to unlock for you – you can choose just one or all ten if you prefer.

Available Allied Races to Buy

The ten Allied Races you can buy a boost for are:

Mechagnomes: Long ago, these gnomes experimented with using machinery to improve their minds and their bodies. Now, they are an ingenious mix of flesh and steel.  

Vulpera: These clever and resourceful creatures have managed to use their wits to survive in the Vol’dun desert for generations. The Vulpera are a nomadic race, traveling in caravans and scavenging supplies from across the desert. Even though they are quite small, they are fierce during battle.

Kul Tiran Humans: Playing as a human is never boring when you’re a Kul Tiran. These fearless explorers love adventure – they once sailed uncharted waters for the thrill of it. Over time, their navy fleet grew to dominate Azeroth’s oceans. However, after years of hardship, the kingdom of Kul Tiras grew vulnerable to evil influences. With the assistance of heroes, a clan of Kul Tiran humans was restored, and they are ready to fight with the Alliance once again.

Zandalari Trolls: The ancestors of this proud race once rode dinosaurs into battles. These trolls are scholarly and have a huge love of knowledge. What’s more, they experiment with magic and speak with spirits.

Dark Iron Dwarves: These dwarves have a hot temper and are fiercely determined. The Dark Iron dwarves are trying to create a new future of themselves, free of the tyranny faced in the Blackrock Mountain.

Mag’har Orcs: These creatures are a group of united Orcish clans from Draenor. You may recognize them from the Warlords of Draenor expansion. The clan fights against the tyranny of the Alternative Universe Army of the Light, resisting their forced attempts at conversion.

Highmountain Tauren: These moose-like shamanic creatures honor the spirits of river, earth, and sky. They are ready to travel beyond their holy mountain and use their nobility and strength to aid the Horde.

Lightforged Draenei: For thousands of years, the Army of the Light has battled against the Burning Legion across the Twisting Nether. The most committed Draenei would go through a ritual that would turn them Lightforged – it would infuse their bodies with Holy Light.

Nightborne: The elves of Suramar were hidden behind a barrier of protection for 10,000 years. During that period of isolation, they grew dependent upon the Nightwell’s arcane magic. Now they have claimed their freedom from their demons, and they are seeking allies in the Horde.

Void Elves: These elves have harnessed the corruptive Void magic to use it for the good of Azeroth. Alleria Windrunner trains the Void Elves, teaching them how to ignore the temptations of evil whispers.

Why Choose Our Boost?

When you purchase one of our boosts, one of our professional players will help you unlock the allied race of your choice. Rather than having to grind for months, we can help you earn your desired race in only 1-3 weeks. With our Allied Race boosts, you’ll earn:

  • Exalted Reputation with the allied race
  • The race’s questline achievement
  • The relevant Allied Race mount
  • 3 essences (Nullification Dynamo, The Well of Existence, and Purification Protocol)

When you place an order, we will immediately match you with a pro player. You’ll be able to see your order status in real-time while we work on it. In just a couple of weeks, your order will be fulfilled, and you can now enjoy your new character with unique abilities, heritage armor sets, and unique mounts. Choose for the most excellent experience – we place customer satisfaction above all else!

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