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One of the things that set WoW apart from other MMORPGs is how it usually depends on the player’s attempts to improve his or her own gameplay experience. Several games in the market are easier to play when your level rises high enough and you have already acquired the powerful items to beat every challenge. As a result, enemies you out leveled become too easy to defeat and the sense of challenge slowly fades.

WoW gets even more challenging as your character levels up as if the real game only begins when you finally go high enough. You only get to fight monsters who are in the same league as your character. It also gets even more frustrating to level up and obtain gear with the right ilvl. It can be said that WoW is not a game for everyone as it takes a huge amount of dedication and a very long time to find the powerful items, level up your character, and experience the other exciting parts of the game.

Once you go past level 400, it becomes even more difficult to loot for good items. You’ll have to face raids and dungeons that are challenging and hard to beat, such as the mythic dungeons. To obtain high item level gear, the player must also beat the following challenges:

  • Mythic+ Dungeons
  • Ny’alotha, the Waking City
  • Azshara’s Eternal Palace


In Patch 8.3, Blizzard introduced several additions in the game that make it even more engaging but at the same time, difficult, including Corruption. Players would have to collect corruption gear, improve corruption resistance, and rank up their legendary cloak to survive throughout the Visions of N’zoth questline. While it is challenging to beat, it is also an opportunity to loot for corrupted weapons and items with unique effects.


Looking for Azerite Armor is one of the ideal ways to improve your character. They give you Azerite Powers that will alter the effects of your spells, your character attributes, and stats. If you are a fan of corruption, “Ny’alotha, the Waking City” is a great opportunity to search for Azerite Armor with corruption effects.

Collecting azerite has been a major part of the Battle for Azeroth as it is important for improving your Heart of Azeroth. However, to do this, you will have to participate in many raids, dungeons, warfronts, PvPs, island expeditions, and quests to collect them.

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Unlike other item level gear boosts in the market, we make sure you will only receive items that are compatible specifically for your character’s specifications and class. If you want to collect Azerite Armor pieces, our boost is already the best WoW item level gear boost you can find.

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