Pathfinder Boost (No Maw) — Flying in Shadowlands

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Pathfinder Shadowlands
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Here you can buy Pathfinder Boost — Flying in Shadowlands

Pathfinder Boost (No Maw) — Flying in Shadowlands
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Shadowlands Pathfinder boost includes:

  1. Completion of the Shadowlands Pathfinder: Part 1 meta-achievement
  2. Shadowlands Explorer Achievements such as: Explore Maldraxxus ; Explore Ardenweald ; Explore Revendreth ; Explore Bastion and Explore The Maw
  3. Covenant Campaign achievement completion
  4. Loremaster of Shadowlands achievement completion
  5. 100 World Quests in Shadowlands completed getting The World Beyond
  6. All Shadowlands leveling zones questlines: The Master of Revendreth ; Awaken, Ardenweald ; Blade of the Primus and The Path to Ascension


The Shadowlands Pathfinder is divided into 2 meta-achievements:

  • Unlocking Shadowlands Pathfinder Part I will grant you 20% increased mounted speed in all Shadowlands zones
  • Unlocking Shadowlands Pathfinder Part II will allow you to fly in all Shadowlands zones and new epic flying mount



  • 60 Level Character
  • Service takes 2-4 weeks depending on your current progress
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