Shadowlands Powerleveling 50-60

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Powerleveling Shadowlands
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Fast and safe Shadowlands powerleveling

Shadowlands Powerleveling 50-60
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50 - 60 Level
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Put all the routine in the hands of Pro.

We Try Hard on beta shadowlands,
most of all we did the 50-60 leveling to prepare for the new addon and push your characters as quickly as possible,
as well as we completed about 2000 M+ dungeons, and were on all tests of raid bosses and explored all corners of the Torghast, Tower of the Damned!
Our Pro will quickly and efficiently up your account to level 60 level your account through the Shadowlands expansion.

Shadowlands power-leveling takes 10-72 hours (depends on the chosen option).



  • Shadowlands expansion
  • No gear requirements
  • character that is to be leveling has to be level 50
    (We don't ask your secret question, so your account will be protected from theft.)

We have specially created the shortest leveling way for your characters:

We will try hard and get best result for your character!
The time is an approximation of the power leveling in the perfect conditions therefore it may vary for each particular order
and if new patches other than the beta version are released that extend the leveling time.
Moreover, the time will depend on the options you chose and the possible additional services you may want to get.

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