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Azshara’s Eternal Palace is the fourth raid of WoW’s Battle for Azeroth, featuring eight tough bosses and excellent loot. You will battle against formidable enemies in the Grand Reception, the Depths of the Devoted, and the Circle of Stars. These gorgeously designed foes require you to strategize when facing them – brute strength alone won’t cut it.

Whether you are confronting the bioluminescent Blackwater Behemoth, the dribbling Orgozoa, or the powerful Queen Azshara herself, your raid could be even more enjoyable with the assistance of our expert boosters.

Combatting such foes with newbie teammates wouldn’t be very fun; instead, crawl the palace alongside WoW expert players! Our Eternal Palace carry service will place you with a top player who not only knows the weak points of the bosses but can also work well in a team. After all, friendly team banter and tactics are half of the fun of WoW raids.

What Can You Get?

Of course, besides the excellent gameplay that playing with a booster provides, you can also get your hands on 430+ ilvl loot while traversing the palace. What’s more, you have the possibility of earning the Azshari Bloatray mount and four battle pets (Nameless Octopode, Lightless Ambusher, Mindlost Bloodfrenzy, and Zanj’ir Poker).

When you are victorious in a Queen Azshara-related encounter (Radiance of Azshara, Queen Azshara, or the Queen’s Court), you will also be rewarded with a number of Aqueous Reliquaries, dependent on the difficulty of the boss you kill. The reliquaries you can in the palace can be used to create Heart of Azeroth Essences.

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