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Torghast Tower, or as it is called ‘Tower of the Damned’, is a unique addition to the WoW gaming world. Getting its inspiration from rogue-raid games, players come across several semi-randomized dungeons. These have a lot of rewards and loot, along with replayable content to offer.

In World of Warcraft, Torghast Tower is a place where players can find endless World Quests and all other central player activities. It is an important part of the game till the next upgrade is launched. Furthermore, Torghast is the only place where players can farm for Soul Ash. This is an important resource for carving legendary armor and weapons.

More About Soul Ash

The Runecarver uses this resource in WoW to carve the latest custom legendaries for the different classes of the game. It is like a currency in the World of Warcraft. To craft the legendary gear, a player needs x100 Soul Ash for the start. Upgrading these weapons will require extra ash.

At present, the gamers can only carve one Shadowlands legendary in a week. However, this will be increased to 2 or 3 legendaries soon. This means that the number of ash drops will be reduced to a great extent. With the launch of Shadowlands expansion, this has become a bigger challenge.

Farming Soul Ash in Torghast Tower

The process of farming Soul Ash can be a bit challenging for a few players. They will have to spend a lot of time with the "trial and error" approach. The gamers also need a high-skill cap to win on the difficult floors of the tower. 

If you wish to farm this ash, then you will have to follow these steps:

  • Upgrade any one Shadowlands character till level 60
  • Finish the story questline
  • Select a Covenant stage for yourself
  • Get going on the normal storyline
  • Arrive at the Maw
  • Complete a few quests here and unlock the Torghast Tower Portal
  • It will be located in the Ve’nari’s Refuge
  • Enter into the Tower of the Damned

After this, the player will receive a choice to select 2 wings for the active weekly. Once you have selected the wings, you will have to complete the floors in order to shut the 8-layered wing. There are a total of 6 wings in the tower - so choose wisely. Or maybe not? Maybe you can get Soul Ash boost!

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To help you save the extra effort of completing the long list of quests, SkyCoach provides a one-stop solution. Our Soul Ash boosting will make it possible for you to farm any amount of ash you want! If you want to save some time and get the best legendary gears, then you must choose our carry service.

Once you opt for our boosting service, we will appoint professional players to play from your accounts. They will use the best approaches and methods to get huge piles of Soul Ash for your legendary crafting. We ensure that you will receive the desired result in the shortest time period.

However, there are a few requirements for getting this service. The player must have their characters upgraded to level 60, which is an important part. Furthermore, they should also have unlocked the Maw and Torghast Tower. If you fit in this criterion, then contact us today! Our teams will work hard to get you the desired amount of ash.

Being a reliable provider, delivering positive results and quality is the most important aspect for us. Unlike many other providers, we offer our services at the most inexpensive prices to any gamer who reaches out to us. Our around-the-clock support and secure VPN network will keep you and your account safe.

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