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Our Horrific Visions boost will help you upgrade your cloak up to Rank 12 at which you’ll get 42 corruption resistance and 65% sanity loss reduction. You will also get the Draconic Empowerment ability which will grant you a 15-second main stat proc boost. Our Horrific Visions boost will also guarantee an ilvl item reward if you add 2 bonus objectives. You can receive malefic cores for completing horrific objectives which you can use to upgrade your cloak once it reaches Rank 15.

Ashjra’kamas, Shroud of Resolve

To acquire this boost, you must already be at least Level 120 at which you can already equip the “Ashjra’kamas, Shroud of Resolve” legendary cloak. You must also have the Vessel of Horrific Visions item.

WoW’s patch 8.3 allows you to unlock the “Ashjra’kamas, Shroud of Resolve” legendary cloak. Performing Horrific Visions will allow you to upgrade the legendary cloak’s stats. While in the Visions of N’zoth, you will experience passive sanity loss. Upgrading the cloak will increase your sanity loss resistance to help you survive the visions, and increase your Corruption Resistance, which will allow you to equip more corrupted gear.

Faceless Masks

Our horrific boost provides an option to specify how many faceless masks you want to acquire. By adding one faceless mask in your order option, you are already guaranteed to acquire the Faceless Mask of the Long Night, which will then allow you to unlock the other four faceless masks. By adding even just one mask, you are highly guaranteed that all the horrific objectives will be completed in just one visit.

Corrupted Mementos

Horrific Visions also allow you to obtain Corrupted Mementos which can be used for Titanic Research Archive upgrades. Upgrading it will increase your damage, reduce the amount of damage you receive, and increase your hero’s sanity. You can also use Corrupted Mementos for essences, such as:

  • Spark of Inspiration
  • Strength of the Warden
  • Unwavering Ward

By buying our boost and adding 2 bonus objectives on your order, you will also receive the Sparks of Unwavering Strength, which you can use with Strength of the Warden and Unwavering Ward.

When collected in large amounts, Corrupted Mementos can also help you acquire the Wicked Swarmer mount and the Gouged Eye of N’zoth from Wrathion. You can get more Corrupted Mementos by adding masks in your order option.

Why Buy Our Boost?

Horrific Visions is one of the difficult challenges in WoW Patch 8.3. Difficulty increases the more teammates and faceless masks you have. Faceless Masks are one of the hardest items to acquire, and the first unlockable faceless mask is already very difficult to obtain. In SkyCoach, we have highly professional and competitive boosters who can help you flawlessly go through the Horrific Visions challenge. In fact, our horrific boost even offers you an option to unlock up to 5 faceless masks.

In SkyCoach, we prioritize security when you buy our boosts. We ensure transactions are only made through our secure channels, no scripts and bots are being used, and VPNs are operational to ensure privacy.