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It takes serious guts to work your way through Operation: Mechagon. Why? This mega-dungeon features 8 tough bosses, from the hoarder King Gobbamak and toxic, oozing Gunker to King Mechagon himself. 

And, you can’t just use brute force to take down these enemies. It requires careful strategy and backup to even come close to completing Operation: Mechagon. And playing on hard mode will make it even more difficult!

It might be tempting to skip this max-level dungeon altogether, but then you’d be missing out on its exclusive mounts. If you are having a tough time knocking out the bosses in Operation: Mechagon, why not let our expert boosters give you a hand? These pro players can easily get you through the dungeon. What’s more, you have the option to play along with them.

Before you place an order for the Mechagon boost, be sure to check out the available extras. Currently, they include self-play, hard mode with (or without) a mount, an extra group, a premium group, and a Hertz Locker

Achievement. Let’s take a closer look at a couple of those:

  • Self Play: this option allows you to crawl the dungeon alongside your booster

  • Hard Mode: Completing the dungeon on hard mode gets you better rewards.

  • Hertz Locker Achievement: You’ll get this by defeating all bosses on Mythic difficulty, without any player dying.

Whether you go for the extras, or you stick to the base product, we guarantee that you will be satisfied with the cost, timeliness, and quality of our boost. What are you waiting for? Score some loot today!