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The Arena is the epitome of all PvP in WoW. It is there that the best players meet to compete for ratings and PvP titles. Are you a fan of Spartan PvP combats? Want to become a master of the WoW Arena? 

SkyCoach can help you achieve the highest results, even if you are sorely short of time to play in your team. You can purchase a World of Warcraft Arena boost ⚔️ and get access to high-level weapons and equipment ✔️.

We can upgrade any rating: 2000, 2400 and above – up to the first place in the battle group! You'll obtain a flying mount and become a "Primal Gladiator" at the end of a season.


There are two Arena formats in WoW: 2x2 and 3x3. 3x3 is a tournament format, and such titles as Gladiator and Duelist are awarded in this format. PvP balance changes are made specifically for this format. The 2x2 configuration is more superficial because fewer players are involved; therefore, you need to monitor fewer abilities and other factors. 

However, even to get a 2000 rating, a beginner will have to sweat because, without a good knowledge of their class and other classes in WoW Arena, they wouldn't be able to play well and get to higher ranks.

To play at a high level in Arena and claim awards, you need to have experienced partners. But how can a beginner find them if everyone in LPF is looking for experienced teammates and doesn't want to cooperate if you don't have achievements yet? Thanks to our Gladiators, we can help you with our Arena rating boost and obtain the necessary achievements. It won't be difficult for our experienced players to boost a character in a few days to any rating in Arena 2x2 or 3x3.

You'll be able to independently follow our boosters' gameplay because we provide a stream (online broadcast on demand; payable option), which guarantees an honest increase in your rating. As rewards for the received WoW Arena rating, players receive titles, mounts, as well as elite PvP Transmog gear sets.

Mounts change every season. They are given to all players who have received the title of Gladiator and Gladiator P1. You'll receive items from the elite PvP set for Transmog after getting a specific rating in Arena 2x2, 3x3, or RBG. If you don't want to spend days looking for Arena partners and then play with low-rated noobs, the best solution would be to purchase the WoW Arena boost. 

What You Get With a SkyCoach Boost 

We provide complete confidentiality and security of services. During the entire period of our existence, there was not a single ban on customer accounts. SkyCoach employees offer effective WoW Arena boosts – our team consists of top World of Warcraft players with a rating of over 2700, who have repeatedly become Arena and RBG Gladiators.

In PvP worlds, conflicting factions can fight anywhere. These are often duels at Stormwind or Orgrimmar, but sometimes the number of participants grows exponentially. For example, when an organized raid storms one of the capitals of the enemy faction.

Arena battle features are slightly different. In this mode, where everything is subject to formal rules, teams of 2, 3, or 5 players fight for honor and glory. The goal here is one – to kill all opponents. Arena teams have ranks and can receive unique gear specially crafted for PvP.

Why Boost with SkyCoach?

We are ready to boost your World of Warcraft Arena rating immediately. Your character must be level 90, no matter what equipment they have. The Arena rating boost does not depend on your server or faction. To manage your character, we only need your username and password and guarantee your account's property's safety. It is vital for us that the client is satisfied and continues to cooperate in the future.

Here are some other undeniable advantages that we offer:

  • Competitive prices for the WoW Arena boost are guaranteed by free competition and a minimum commission.
  • Arena rating boosts are protected. SkyCoach receives the payment only after client confirmation. Professional billing system and online support.
  • Arena boost prices with discounts. You don't need to send a ton of emails, wait for answers or bargain.