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Deep Stone Crypt Raid

874 reviews
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Exclusive Raid loot
Spoils of Conquest
Pinnacle Gear
1-2 h
Estimated Start Time
3 h
Estimated Completions Time
Available on PC, PlayStation, XBOX
Full Clear
Full Clear
Flawless Completion
Only Last Boss (Taniks) Kill
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What you get
  1.  The Deep Stone Crypt Raid Completed on your Character (if you choose multiple characters within the “extra options”, then they will also receive the Deep Stone Crypt Raid Completion at a discount).
  2.  A chance to obtain Rare Raid Exotic-Eyes of Tomorrow only obtainable from the Deep Stone Crypt Raid (you can choose “Eyes of Tomorrow Guaranteed” as an Extra option and be guaranteed to get them on your account)
  3.  Unique and Pinnacle Deep Stone Crypt Gear (If you need a Specific weapon then you need to check our raid legendary weapons service and either choose a random roll or a roll with a guaranteed perk that you want. You can also just select the “Guaranteed 1 Legendary Deep Stone Crypt Weapon Obtained” as an Extra Option)
  4.  All other legendary and exotic loot that drops during the service
  5.  Exp for your Season Pass and Artifact


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  •  1230+ Light Level. If your Light Level is not high enough, then you can purchase our leveling service which will grant you access to new content and activities as well as save you a lot of time. You will also get a lot of unique loot from the Deep Stone Crypt and other activities.
  •  Destiny 2: Beyond Light DLC on your Account


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5 out of 5 based on 874 reviews
10/10 mythic dungeons
Eric Ängel
Excellent service! Will use you again.;)
Mythic +15
Matt :)
Very good service and pricing is great. No ripoffs. They are prompt and on time with responses to questions about their service.
Classic LVLing
The service was fast, professional and without any problems. The Discord contact was immediatly and very friendly and also helped me to find the right packet for my needs. Highly reccomending the skycoach team :)
Operation: Mechagon
Daniil Belichev
Nice and helpful team + fast help. Great experience !
Matt :)
Skycoach is very helpful and very reliable. I use their service all the time and and am extremely happy with them. Great prices and customer service. Definitely 5 stars.
You made me a star!
Marcus Guldbrandsson
Invites 10 minutes before it started! Can recommend to buy boost from these guys, smooth and fast.
myers heyman
one of the best boost ever and insane player.
More info

Raiding is an End Game PvE activity for 6 Characters that players can't automatically search for (unlike in Gambit or Crucible). Deep Stone Crypt is one of the most unique raids in Destiny 2 from which players can obtain a lot of rare and exclusive weapons and armor pieces. Within the Deep Stone Crypt, players can find 2 hidden chests that contain spoils of conquest and randomized raid loot. (You can select the “add secret chests” extra option to receive loot from these chests). Our team will go through all of the raid encounters and will obtain all possible rewards. If you want to complete the raid with a professional team without wiping it thousands of times, then you can choose the “Self Play” extra option and complete it quickly without much hassle.

Deep Stone Crypt Legendary Weapon List

Kinetic (1st) Weapon Slot: Succession (Sniper Rifle); Heritage (Shotgun) 

Energy (2nd) Weapon Slot: Trustee (Scout Rifle); Posterity (Hand Cannon)

Heavy (3rd) Weapon Slot: Commemoration (Machine Gun); Bequest (Sword)

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