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Hawkmoon / Harbinger

316 reviews
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  1.  The Hawkmoon Exotic Hand Cannon on your account
  2.  The Hawkmoon Catalyst (Note: we will obtain it if you choose Harbinger Mission Difficulty)
  3.  All other Legendary and Exotic loot that drops during the service
  4.  Exp for your Season Pass and Artifact
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  •  1200+ Light Level for Main Hawkmoon Quest Completion
  •  1260+ Light Level for Harbinger Mission Completion.
  • If your Light Level is not high enough, then you can purchase our leveling service which will not only provide us the opportunity to do trials but also grant you access to new content. It will also help your character reach maximum light level much quicker.
  •  Destiny 2: Beyond Light DLC



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5 out of 5 based on 316 reviews
10/10 mythic dungeons
Eric Ängel
Excellent service! Will use you again.;)
Mythic +15
Matt :)
Very good service and pricing is great. No ripoffs. They are prompt and on time with responses to questions about their service.
Classic LVLing
The service was fast, professional and without any problems. The Discord contact was immediatly and very friendly and also helped me to find the right packet for my needs. Highly reccomending the skycoach team :)
Operation: Mechagon
Daniil Belichev
Nice and helpful team + fast help. Great experience !
Matt :)
Skycoach is very helpful and very reliable. I use their service all the time and and am extremely happy with them. Great prices and customer service. Definitely 5 stars.
You made me a star!
Marcus Guldbrandsson
Invites 10 minutes before it started! Can recommend to buy boost from these guys, smooth and fast.
myers heyman
one of the best boost ever and insane player.
More info

Hawkmoon is an exotic kinetic hand cannon that players can only obtain by completing a special questline. The main feature of this weapon is stacking your precision hits for the final round and then dealing a lot of damage based on the number of your stacks. 

After you complete the quest, you will gain access to the Harbinger mission during which you can obtain the Catalyst for this weapon. You can also roll it with different secondary once per week on each character. (you can get a roll with perks like the rangefinder, killing wind, quickdraw, and many others. However, if you don’t want to spend your time grinding that, you should check the “Hawkmoon with Guaranteed Perk List” difficulty and choose a guaranteed perk for this weapon). 


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Destiny 2 Hawkmoon Boost

There is a reason why Hawkmoon is among the most desired weapons in Destiny 2. This legendary weapon is one of the best ones you would find in the hand cannon weapon class. This is why it makes sense why one should buy Hawkmoon boost and get this cool weapon in their arsenal. The talented team at SkyCoach would shoulder the burden of conquering the quest. They will, essentially, carry you to this exotic weapon.

Benefits of a Hawkmoon Boost

Below are some of the benefits of getting the Hawkmoon boost from SkyCoach:

  • The moment you order a Hawkmoon boost, we dedicate their efforts towards securing this exotic hand cannon for you.

  • You can also add the Hawkmoon Catalyst as part of your order.

  • The team would either perform on your behalf or guide you to complete the quest so that you can acquire the exotic Hawkmoon Handcannon.

  • The customized service delivered would not only unlock the opportunity for you to acquire the weapon but would also shower you with several random perks.

The deliverables would include:

  • The exotic Hawkmoon Handcannon,

  • Fresh weapons and armor,

  • Experience for the season pass and Artifact level.

Most importantly, everything that you will receive as a result of the Hawkmoon boost, your character will be able to retain.

Why Should You Pick Our Boosting Services?

There are several reasons why SkyCoach should be your one and only pick for getting in-game boosts:

  • Highly professional team: The results are far from the underwhelming performance that is ordinarily seen within the industry. The team comprises professional boosters who have undertaken rigorous testing and delivered an exceptional performance to take their place in the team. Hence, when it comes to gaming talent, nothing comes close.

  • Experience at delivering boosting services: Working with over 19,000 clients, we have acquired extensive experience in delivering in-game boosts. The brand has successfully fulfilled more than 35,000 boosts.

  • Customized service: Instead of offering cookie-cutter solutions, SkyCoach allows its customers to get in touch via live chat and discuss their needs and requirements. By taking those specific requirements into account, the team creates a customized service that caters to those needs.

  • Reliable service: We have a TrustPilot rating of 4.8, which indicates the high level of trust and confidence that customers have in its services.

The team at SkyCoach is also very mindful of ensuring the safety of your account, which is why our players always use VPNs. You will get speedy delivery at a discounted pricing on a number of services being offered. So what are you waiting for? Grab a boost today!

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