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Weapons Exotics
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The exotic Trace Rifle is amazing and must have in every PvE activity.

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It creates a large crit zone and weakens the enemy. Required in high-end activities like master/grandmaster ordeals and raids.
Choose which steps you need to be completed and enjoy one of the best Trace Rifles in Destiny!


  1. Divinity Quest Completed on your account
  2. GoS completition with bunch of unique rewards
  3. Exp for your Season Pass and Artifact 
  4. All weapons and armor that might drop during the service


  • Shadowkeep DLC on your account
  • 1050+ Power Level
  • Shadowkeep Story Completed
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Destiny 2 is one of the leading games with spectacular missions are amazing wins. Though they have numerous quest options with exotic rewards, the Divinity rifle is something rare. With this exotic trace rifle, you will have the option to win over the enemies with amazing mastery and smartness. SkyCoach helps you get this rife, offering the benefits of doing immense damage. 

It's one of the exotic weapons in the game, and you can have it by completing a very difficult quest. The ARC damage properties of this exclusive rifle would allow you to win back your lost sectors. Our service will allow you to clear the path of the garden of salvation. You can get through with the salvation raid within one run with our service. Though it's quite challenging, we have some pro players who will carry out the race to win Divinity quickly.

Why Choose SkyCoach?

The Divinity trace rifle has extreme destructive capabilities, however, that's not what makes it special. It comes with a utility tool with the capability to enhance the DPS of the entire party. Now, that's something worth the expense for this adept weapon. At SkyCoach, we are the leading operators of the Destiny 2 game and their incredible rifle boost. 

Here is why you should consider a boost:

  • Our expansive experience and a team of passionate players allow us to carry out legendary gaming techniques.
  • Place your order, and feel free to connect with our experts on direct chat. Stay assured about the anonymity of your order process.
  • No bot or software is used in the process. We resolve puzzles and defeat enemies on our own.
  • Get the auto rifle to enhance your gameplay within a go.
  • Our Divinity exotic boost is backed with a VPN to ensure your privacy.

Our Garden of Salvation carries service allows you to minimize the exhausting boss encounters and make your loot quick and simple.

How Do We Make the Process Simple for You?

At SkyCoach, you don't have to worry about anything as we work according to your requirements. We complete the full order while being connected with you on the live chat. It might take up to 3 weeks, however, you will get the option to check the status in real-time.

What Are the Requirements?

The Divinity exotic boost requires you to:

  • Be at a minimum of more than 1050 level of power;
  • Have the Shadowkeep DLC;
  • Have crossed the Shadowkeep campaign;
  • Permit account sharing for order completion. 

The Rewards

Once the order is completed, you will be equipped with the stunning rifle along with all the other weapons of the GoS raid. Also, you will clear the stage of the Garden of Salvation. SkyCoach delivers exceptional services to make the boost cool and exceptional for you.