One Thousand Voices

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Exotics Weapons
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Powerful exotic Fusion Rifle

One Thousand Voices
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  1. One Thousand Voices Guaranteed
  2. All Last Wish Raid Loot that might drop during the service
  3. Exp for your Season Pass and Artifact


  • 1050+ Light Level
  • Forsaken DLC
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A part of the final chests in the Last Wish Raid, One thousand voices exotic rifle is a tricky weapon to get your hands on. In order to attain One thousand voices, you would have to defeat the final boss named Riven. But it is a tricky thing to pull off this kill, which is why you would require a little help. The guidance and assistance of SkyCoach’s team would come in handy if you want to complete this quest and secure this savvy exotic weapon.

You can depend on the team of pro players at SkyCoach.gg to get you through the trickiest of challenges in Destiny 2. Keep reading if you want to get your hands on weapons such as One thousand voices!

Why Should You Buy One Thousand Voices Boost?

  • One thousand voices is great at rendering Solar damage as it utilizes heavy ammo.
  • This one is capable of being equipped with a Power Weapon slot.
  • You are likely to encounter this one at some point or the other. It's better to be the one pulling the trigger, don't you agree! 

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