Wish Ender

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Weapons Exotics
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Here you can buy The Bow that makes you see through walls "Wish Ender"

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Wish-Ender is an exotic bow equippable in kinetic slot which uses primary ammo. The main perk ot this weapon "Queen's Wrath" allows wish-ender highlight enemies behind walls while you are aiming down sights with a fully-drawn bow  also this bow has got unique arrowhead "Broadhead" it means that your shot can damage the target on entry and exit and can overpenetrate multiple targets. You can use this bow everywhere to see your enemies when they can't see you and be one step ahead of them.


  1. Wish-Ender
  2. all loot that might drop during the service
  3. exp for your season pass and artifact


  • Forsaken expansion
  • 1050+ light level
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The Destiny 2: Forsaken’s exotic weapon, the Wish Ender, is causing quite a stir among all levels of the community. The reason for this, naturally, is that the developers of the game have added in an extremely strong weapon that is very useful in both PvP and PvE game modes. 

Consequently, getting this near-game-breaking weapon is time-consuming. It does require a lot of effort, and not many players can devote much time to it. This is where skycoach.gg can help you - here, you can find professional help in your quest to obtain the Wish Ender weapon.

The Process of Getting Wish Ender

The journey to being rewarded with a powerful weapon is certainly not a walk in the park. But if you want to know how our boosters complete this challenge, take a look.

1. Defeating the Shattered Throne Dungeon

Because this dungeon ranges from power levels 570 to 580, the Shattered Throne can be extremely difficult for a novice player to beat successfully. This makes it one of the highest Light activities in the game. 

After overcoming the first major boss, the player will find a statue of Sjur Eido. Then it’s time to interact with it and give up your Awoken Talisman. After the statue stops talking, the player will move on and defeat the final boss. 

2. Fight the Taken Army

Get on the road for the long journey to the Tangled Shore. The first step is to battle all the way through the Taken army until you get to the large final room. This is where the player will be under attack by three Taken bosses. After the bosses are all vanquished, there will be three tokens with a name on each of them. After this ordeal, the booster will need to go back into the Shattered Throne to cleanse them. 

3. Cleanse the Tokens

As you may have guessed, the third and final step of this event chain is to cleanse the tokens by returning to the Shattered Throne. The player needs to defeat the entire dungeon and then fight their way to the Ogre boss, which is the final one in this dungeon. This event chain allows cleansing the tokens fully.

How to Get Wish Ender with Any Playing Skill

This quest might be too difficult to complete alone. Therefore, the best option is to employ SkyCoach services to help you obtain your prize. With 250 boosters and 35,000 successful orders, we will complete all the challenges and give you the Wish Ender you desire. Our players are true professionals, and your account is secure in our hands.

Main requirement:

  • We need to be able to start the exotic quest immediately (i.e., the Forsaken expansion purchased)


We will quickly get you your Wish Ender bow, as well as gear and any weapons that may drop during the service (alongside the Exp for your Season Pass/Artificial Level). As a team of experts who know the ins and outs of Destiny 2: Forsaken, we are entirely capable of getting you that exotic weapon in no time.