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Deep Stone Crypt+Prophecy Bundle

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Exclusive Raid Loot
Unique Armor
New Gear
1-2 h
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4 h
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Available on PC, PlayStation, XBOX
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What you get
  1. A single Deep Stone Crypt Raid Completed on your character
  2. A chance to obtain Eyes of Tomorrow-Deep Stone Crypt Exclusive Raid Exotic (you can choose the “add Eyes of Tomorrow Guaranteed” Extra option and get it on your account guaranteed)
  3. A single Prophecy Dungeon Completed on your character
  4. All Unique Deep Stone Crypt and Prophecy Gear (If you need Some Specific weapon then you need to check our raid legendary weapons service and choose the random roll or a roll with a guaranteed perk of your choice)
  5. All other Legendary or Exotic loot that might drop during the service
  6. Exp for your Season Pass and Artifact


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  • 1230+ Light Level. If your Light Level is not high enough, then you can purchase our leveling service which will grant you access to new content and activities as well as save you a lot of time
  • Destiny 2: Beyond Light DLC
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Deep Stone Crypt+Prophecy bundle is a perfect service for people who want to give our services a test run first or just want to get new powerful loot for a small price. This bundle includes the full Deep Stone Crypt raid completion and the full Prophecy dungeon completion (but if you only need the last bosses defeat then you can select the “Only last bosses” difficulty). 

You will get all rewards that drop from the raid and dungeon encounters but if you want to obtain extra loot then you will need to select the “add secret chests” extra option (we will open 4 secret chests in total,2 in the Prophecy and 2 in the Deep Stone Crypt, each containing exclusive Prophecy and Deep Stone Crypt loot). You will also have a chance to obtain the “Eyes of Tomorrow” exotic rocket launcher as a reward from the last boss in the Deep Stone Crypt, however, if you need that weapon as a guaranteed drop then you should select the“Eyes of Tomorrow guaranteed” extra option.


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