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Torghast Layers completion

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Soul Cinders/Soul Ash
Memory of Runecarver
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  1. Complete Torghast runs on selected Layer
  2. x1140 Soul Ash for completing Layer 8 for 2 wings
  3. Soul Cinders currency from layers 9-12
  4. Each layer completed with 4+ stars
  5. Completion Torghast achievements such as: Coldheart Interstitia ; Skoldus Hall ; Fracture Chambers ; Mort'regar ; The Upper Reaches and The Soulforges (depends on available wings this week)
  6. Completion a part of Torghast achievement Gatekeepers of Torghast
  7. Soul Ash for completing Torghast Layers. The amount Soul Ash you receive depends on the Torghast Layer Level and the number of Wings you completed during the weekly reset.
  8. Relevant achievements and other rewards for completing Torghast
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  • A level 60 character
  • Completed the main Shadowlands storyline campaign
  • Torghast Tower and Maw unlocked.
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More info

Torghast Tower is located in the heart of the Maw. Every time a player enters Torghast, they will encounter new challenges on their way: dynamic wings and changing floors flooded with horrific creatures that roam the corridors and get stronger as you progress towards the higher levels of Torghast.

The Tower is designed as dynamic content for either solo players or groups of up to 5 players scaling everything accordingly. Torghast Tower consists of six wings in total: Coldheart Interstitia, Skoldus Hall, Mort'regar, Soulforges, Fracture Chambers and The Upper Reaches with only 2 of them being active during one weekly reset and rotating every week. 

Each Wing has eight Layers and each Layer has six Floors. Each riddled with different encounters, mobs, puzzles and rares with the main boss waiting for you on the last floor. 

Upon entering Torghast, you won't be able to change your spec, talents, or gear because of The Jailer's Chains debuff making the challenge more interesting and skill-dependent.

This is counterbalanced by a special zone called the Refuge of the Damned which can be found at the entrance and on the 3rd Floor of each Layer. 

The higher you climb, the harder the enemies and encounters you face get. New Torments mechanics become stronger as you advance to higher floors empowering mobs and bosses, and weakening the player(s) resulting in a more challenging run.

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