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A WoW rep boost directly affects your advantages in faction ranks or reduces the danger of losing your ranking. If you want to make any positive change to your reputation, you'll need to perform various services for one side or another. 

However, boosting your rep in WoW is hard, especially at higher levels. To get a WoW rep boost, you need to complete quests offered by NPCs from the faction of your choice. Usually, these quests are non-recurring, but there are situations when reputation points are awarded for recurring quests. 

Also, you can get points awarded for killing certain monsters (depending on the faction). By completing quests or killing monsters for one faction, you can reduce the favor of the other. If you don’t care for the other faction’s attitude, don’t bother. But, it’s better to analyze everything carefully before working on your reputation.

WoW Reputation Levels

There are eight reputation levels that are activated when you reach a certain number of points. Each level has its characteristics in terms of the faction's attitude towards you. We have listed them in descending order:


  • Exalted – It is the maximum level that can be reached. At this level, you will receive mounts that belong to the faction and tabards. And in Battle for Azeroth, the seventh expansion of WoW, you will also have the opportunity to play as a new allied race character if you develop a favorable attitude from the right faction. You need to collect 21,000 reputation points to get here.
  • Revered – This reputation level unlocks at 12,000 points and sits right below Exalted.
  • Honored – You can get to this level for 6,000 reputation points. Here you will obtain a key for the passage of Outland in heroic mode.
  • Friendly – At this level, you will see a good attitude towards you. Reach 3,000 points to get to this level, and you will be rewarded with a Champion Tabards of the Northrend faction.
  • Neutral – Usually, the raising of reputation starts from this level. You can upgrade it by accumulating 3,000 reputation points or downgrade by losing the same amount.
  • Unfriendly – If you want to get to Neutra again, you need to strain yourself and accumulate another 3,000 points. But this will be more difficult to do than at higher levels – in Unfriendly, you will be forbidden to buy any items from a faction, sell to them, or even speak with an NPCs belonging to it.
  • Hostile is bad, but not the end of the world. If you don’t improve your relations with the faction, they will become more hostile towards you and will attack as soon you come into their field of vision. In order to level up, you need to score 3,000 points.
  • Hated is the reputation rock-bottom. Getting out of it super difficult, and therefore it’s better not to get into it at all, if possible. A faction with this kind of attitude will attack you as soon as you are in eyesight. In order to rise to the level of Hostile, you’ll have to accumulate as much as 36,000 points.

Reputation Boost Service

Raising a reputation from a rock-bottom isn't easy. Bear in mind that here you might lose more points than you earn: if you’re trying to raise the reputation for one faction at the cost of another, then the ratio will be as follows (this is an example): you get 20 points, but you lose 100.

If you cannot increase your reputation above a certain level or do not have enough time for this, we suggest using our reputation boost service. On SkyCoach, you can choose from rep boosts of WoW, BFA, Legion, and Draenor.

You are also welcome to message us and get support from a PRO player. SkyCoach will find the best offer for you or build a personal order at a lower price. We will start your order immediately, and you will receive a money-back guarantee if you are displeased with our services.