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The latest World of Warcraft expansion: Battle for Azeroth (developed through Blizzard Entertainment) introduced new changes to the Mythic + system, namely through new gear like Azerite Armor, which is only available through the Weekly Challenger Chest. This reward comes at the end of the fifteenth keystone, which is by far the most hardcore dungeon.

Some dungeons also provide nifty mounts, including an end-of-the-season, keystone master mount if you complete each dungeon with a key before the timer runs out.

If you don’t want to waste your time grinding through Mythic + content, getting our mythic carry is a guaranteed way to get a weekly chest along with a whopping amount of Titan Residuum that you can use to buy higher ilvl Azerite Armor. Do not miss your chance to get gear quickly.

How We’ll Help You

These incredible rewards require significant efforts. Our best and most professional players will boost you through Mythic + level 15 dungeon. We offer solutions for all of your dungeon crawling needs, designed to save you as much gameplay time as possible. All of it is entirely customizable as customers choose through the options available to add any service they need.

You will receive:

  • 465+ ilvl gear

  • 475+ ilvl gear through Weekly Challenger Chest

  • 8 Focused Life Anima for the Essence

  • Titan residuum. Lots and lots of it.

  • Azerite

Boost mode (customizable):

  • Selfplay: you play by your own character with mythic dungeon boost

  • Stream: we will broadcast the process of boosting for you through skype or discord

  • Timer guaranteed: we’ll finish dungeons while beating the timer.

  • Specific dungeon: we will make a mythic run to the dungeon you need

  • Priority start: guaranteed invites in 15-60 minutes – quick start time invites help you receive achievements as soon as possible

Groups (with your armor type):

  • Extra: +1 extra loot-trader

  • Premium: +2 loot-traders

  • VIP: +3 loot-traders

Feats of Strength: these are some of the most difficult achievements to obtain since it requires hours of gameplay, determination, and lots of luck. Let us save you some time and give you the ultimate bragging rights

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