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Beyond Light End Game Bundle

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Exclusive Raid Loot
Flawless Passage
Trials Tokens
1-2 h
Estimated Start Time
1-3 days
Estimated Completions Time
Available on PC, PlayStation, XBOX
Full Raid Clears
Full Raid Clears
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What you get
  1.  A single Vault of Glass Raid Completed
  2.  A single Flawless Trials Passage (Mercy Ticket) Completion
  3. A single Deep Stone Crypt Raid Completed
  4.  A chance to obtain Rare Raid Exotics-Eyes of Tomorrow  and Vex Mythoclast Only obtainable from the Deep Stone Crypt and Vault of Glass Raids 

    (you can choose the “Eyes of Tomorrow/Vex Mythoclast Guaranteed” Extra option and get it on your account as a guaranteed reward. )
  5.  All other Legendary and Exotic loot that might drop during the service
  6.  Exp for your Season Pass and Artifact


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  •  1320+ Light Level. If your Light Level is not high enough, then you can purchase our leveling service which will not only provide us the opportunity to do trials but also grant you access to new content. It will also help your character reach maximum light level much quicker.
  •  Trials Access (If you haven’t completed the entire Trials Quest line given by Saint-14, then you will need to select the “Trials Access” Extra Option)
  •  Destiny 2: Beyond Light DLC
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This bundle includes a lot of high-end end game activities from which you can obtain a lot of powerful and pinnacle rewards. You also have a chance of obtaining rare exotics such as the “Eyes of Tomorrow” rocket launcher which you can only get from the Deep Stone Crypt raid. Our team will go through all the challenges of these activities and obtain new gear on your account as quickly as possible saving you a lot of time in the process.


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